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Eduline Malta
This app was perfect for our needs to help keep track and update our stock easily using a barcode scanner. The support offered by the 506 team is also top notch and impressive. Highly recommended :)
Hammond's Fishing
This app is awesome! The owner really does help you out if any help is needed. This app will definitively help you have less packing errors on your orders.
NATRL Drinks
I used the app to upsell and include additional items on the product page. It was seamless and I found it very smooth to use, I'll definitely be using it again in the future.
Avocôtés - Protection
I used this app to auto-add a charge so digital product and fits perfectly what I needed to. Easy to set rules and put on live. I highly recommend!
With more on the way!

Our apps

Increase Orders

EasyGift: Auto Add to Cart

Automatically gift or include products in your customers cart.

Automatically add products when a customer's cart includes certain items or reaches a specific value.

Schedule rules to run for specific time periods.

Create bands to make tiered promotions and increase your store's average order value.

Use rules to bundle products or include surcharges and deposits with certain items.

Manage Orders & Inventory

EasyScan: SKU and Barcode

Run your warehouse like a pro! Use a barcode scanner or smartphone camera to create and fulfil orders, manage inventory, print barcodes and much more.

Create and fulfil orders by scanning items with a barcode scanner, tablet or smartphone.

Update your stock levels and run stock checks by scanning barcodes or SKUs.

Generate and print labels using barcodes or SKUs for your products.

Upsells & Discounts

Cartix Cart Discounts + Upsell

Discount code discounts in cart, in-cart upsells and more!

Powerful customization to match any theme.

One click upsells, apply discount codes and show discounts inside the drawer cart.

Order Returns & Exchanges

Exchange It

Easily Manage Order Exchanges and Returns!

Select items from the original order that have been returned and restock inventory.

Select the new products(s) for the exchange order.

Original customer information is auto fillied into the new order, this can be modifed if required.

Price Manager

GetSale: Sale Discount Manager

Discount Product Pricing, Daily Deals, Price Editor & Scheduler

No more manual price changes during sales! Let the app apply the discounts and return prices back automatically.

Set discounts in percentages, fixed amounts or set a new price.

Apply discounts to certain products or variants, collections, vendors, tags or the entire store. Also exclude certain products or collections from the rule.

Add or remove product tags during the rule and set a schedule to the nearest minute.

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