EasyScan v2.0 Released

We've rebuilt EasyScan from the ground up!

We're very excited to announce a major overhaul of EasyScan - making it easier to manage your orders and inventory than every before. The whole app has been rebuilt using the latest technology, and we've added some exciting new features along the way.

Here are a few of the highlights:

Your store data synced in real time

That's right - using Shopify's new GraphQL Admin API, EasyScan interfaces directly with your store's orders and inventory. No more waiting for the app to sync or problems finding your orders - EasyScan shows and updates your store data in real time.

Full smartphone and tablet support

As soon as we took over EasyScan in late 2020, users were clear with us that they wanted better support for mobile devices. The new version works seamlessly within the Shopify app to allow you to do everything you can on the desktop app right from your phone.

You can access EasyScan on your device by opening the Shopify iOS or Android app, then selecting "Store" on the bottom right. From that menu select "Apps" and then EasyScan.

Use your smartphone or tablet camera to scan barcodes

As well as adding better support for devices, we wanted to make the most of their functionality. You can now use your device camera to scan barcodes just as you would with a traditional scanner. Note, this functionality requires the following app versions to enable us to access your camera:

  • Shopify iOS v8.25.0 or above
  • Shopify Android v8.24.0 or above
  • Shopify Point of Sale iOS v5.32.0 or above
  • Shopify Point of Sale Android v3.25.0 or above

Faster loading & tighter integration with Shopify

The new EasyScan is built using Shopify's Polaris UX framework, which allows a seamless design experience between apps and the rest of the Shopify Admin. Our improved app also uses NextJS and React to enable much faster page speeds, and better handling of complicated user interactions.

Tell us what you think

Since taking over EasyScan in late 2020, we've been looking forward to unleashing the app's full potential. Please let us know what you think of the updates, and what features you would like us add build next! You can get in touch with us here.

If you are new to EasyScan, read an overview of what this powerful app can do right here.