EasyScan FAQs

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EasyScan FAQs

What is EasyScan?

EasyScan is a simple to use, multi-feature inventory management system for your Shopify store.

My scanner is not working. Is it compatible with EasyScan?

You can perform a very simple check to verify if you scanner is compatible with EasyScan. With your scanner connected to your computer, open up a text editor or word processor – Microsoft Word, Notepad, and Text Edit will all work. Now click in the text area, as you would before you started to type.

Now scan some barcodes with the scanner. Do you see strings of number or letters coming up? If you do, your scanner is compatible with EasyScan. If you don’t check you scanner is properly connected to your computer, and not to a nearby device. The vast majority of scanners should be compatible with the app.

I’m scanning things, but they aren’t appearing in the app.

Check you have clicked with your mouse cursor on the primary input field. This is the large one in the center labelled “Barcode/SKU”. You should see a blinking cursor in the field before you start scanning.

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