EasyScan Changelog

EasyScan is updated frequently with new functionality and products to better suit your needs.

21st July 2023

Pre-review Order note

  • Review the order note before scanning an order
  • 4 x 10 A4 label sheet

20th July 2023

Unpack and mobile orders

  • Option to "Unpack" an item if incorrectly marked as packed
  • Mobile order index fixed to stop page freezing

19th July 2023

Labels labels labels

  • Zebra 17757, Dymo 30373
  • Extra info for the Order timeline view
  • Padding for packing slip adjusted to suit font size

18th July 2023


  • Order logs in BETA - view all the actions that take place on an order inside EasyScan
  • Improve digital picklist settings

13th July 2023

Mobile layout update

  • Improve the mobile layout for Dashboard, Settings, Order index
  • Show the total order price in the order view

11th July 2023

SKU above

  • Option to show the SKU above the barcode symbol
  • Sentry update to improve error tracking

28th June 2023

Filter orders better

  • Filter orders by multiple tags

23rd June 2023

Alerts for Orders

  • Show a Alert Modal based on if a tag is present in an order
  • On hold orders can be scanned and packed
  • Barcode template 2.25 x 1.25

22nd June 2023

API update

  • Keeping our APIs up to date with Shopify

20th June 2023

Case insensitive

  • Some barcode readers use the wrong case when scanning, use this setting to avoid errors

19th June 2023

API update

  • Keeping our APIs up to date with Shopify

16th September 2022

Merge reports

  • All reports are now editable in the EasyScan settings, change font, font size, product options, etc
  • PageAction component added to improve mobile usability

14th September 2022

Merge reports

  • All reports are now editable in the EasyScan settings, change font, font size, product options, etc
  • PageAction component added to improve mobile usability

21st June 2022

Search for items

  • Option to search for items at the selected location only
  • Default title bug fixed
  • TopStick 8777 label template
  • Activate inventory for items at a new location

15th June 2022

Advanced subscription plan

  • Inventory reports history
  • Store analytics
  • New subscription plan "Advanced" plan
  • Re-name existing "Unlimited" plan to "Standard" plan
  • Packing slip Order tags

1st June 2022

Barcode label updates

  • ECVV label template
  • Avery 94221 label template

24th May 2022

Hide non-shippable items and barcode label updates

  • Barcode bin locations on label
  • Hide non-shippable items from fulfilment
  • Filter orders by total price
  • Avery 5160 template
  • Filter orders by items, name, email, product name, sku and more

18th May 2022

Barcode label options

  • Tanex label template
  • Barcode code and SKU code individually on label

10th May 2022

Stock transfer and barcode options

  • Stock transfer count
  • SKU and product setting on label

6th May 2022

More label updates

  • Hide barcode image on label
  • OL1100 & Avery L7651 templates
  • Todays date on barcode label

21st April 2022

Barcode label updates, pick list customisations

  • Product Vendors on labels
  • Pick list customisations
  • More Avery label templates

12th April 2022

Set inventory, print from Admin, variant options

  • Set inventory levels alongside increment and decrement
  • Print packing slips from Shopify Admin
  • Show "draft" product badges
  • Improved sorting of Single variant products
  • Advanced variant options for barcode labels

8th April 2022

Fraud badge

  • Added a fraud risk level badge to orders

1st April 2022

Sort orders and barcode updates

  • Sort orders by customer name and date
  • New Dymo label templates

31st March 2022

Custom SKU and jewellery label

  • Create custom SKUs to assign to your products
  • Jewellery label template improvements

30th March 2022

Product variant bin locations

  • Save bin locations to your product variants or products

25th March 2022

Cycle orders and tags

  • Cycle through multiple orders
  • Improved packing slip barcodes
  • Tag an order at the time and date it was packed "Packed at hh:mm on {date}"

24th March 2022

Barcode pricing

  • Barcode only price plan

15th March 2022

Packing slip settings and more

  • Hide telephone and country on packing slip
  • Users can adjust font size on packing slip
  • Tag an order at the time it was packed "Packed at hh:mm"
  • Barcode labels can show the product variant options

10th March 2022

Settings update

  • Settings page updated to improve its layout

7th March 2022

Upgrade Shopify App Bridge

  • Upgraded to App Bridge 2.0

2nd March 2022

Bulk assign barcodes

  • Bulk assign barcodes and SKUs live and updated view
  • Print barcode labels and assign barcodes from a Shopify Admin Action Link

9th February 2022

CSV reports added

  • Ability to export inventory reports as CSVs or PDFs
  • More barcode label templates added

8th February 2022

Check inventory and packing slip adjustments

  • Pick a collection to check its inventory
  • Hide product barcode and SKU on packing slip

31st January 2022

Custom Label templates

  • Barcode label templates added - you can now save specific templates for your label layout.

28th January 2022

Barcode flow update

  • More label templates added
  • Improved barcode assignment and label printing flow

21st January 2022

Stock transfer location switch

  • Switch the between the locations that you have selected on the Stock transfer page

20th January 2022

Label templates added

  • Uline label
  • Printing saver label

13th January 2022

Barcode label updates and minor adjustments

  • Show "Compare price" on barcode label
  • Jewellery label preview updated
  • Add and remove tags on the Order Index in Bulk
  • Bin location log added to show products added
  • Hebrew support added to packing slip and reports
  • Cycle through orders for fulfilment added to Shopify Admin Action link
  • Print address label on fulfilment completion

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