September 16, 2022

5 Tools to help sort your Shopify Inventory Management

Sorting your inventory management is no easy task. However, it is essential to ensure the smooth running of your Shopify store. Good inventory management can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful e-commerce business.  

There are some tools you can use to optimize your inventory management and make sure you’re working to full capacity. These can range from very basic and inexpensive, to a bit more complicated. The best part is you can pick what works for you and the scale of your Shopify business.

In this blog, I explain 5 useful tools that will help you get your Shopify inventory management on track. Once you know what inventory management is, you can get started on optimizing your processes using these easy tips.

1. Barcode Scanner

First, you need the right equipment for the job. Inventory management is made so much simpler when you have a portable barcode scanner. Using barcodes with your Shopify store is a sure fire way to know what stock you have and manage it effectively. But you also need a tool to keep track of all of them!  

There are a couple of options for good barcode scanners. If you want a physical device just for this purpose, Shopify recommends some made by Socket Mobile if you are using Shopify POS, these come in either 1D or 2D barcode formats. The devices are compatible with our EasyScan App too when used in "Basic mode", making them ideal for those who want a simple solution to their Shopify inventory management.

There are also lots of inexpensive barcode scanners that work very well with EasyScan and connect to most devices. We suggest purchasing a basic scanner and testing it with your intended workflow.

2. EasyScan

Once you’ve got a barcode scanner, you need the software to connect it to Shopify. EasyScan is a simple but effective app that takes the hard work out of creating, printing, and scanning barcodes.

Our app can be used on your desktop, laptop, mobile device, or tablet and used in conjunction with a barcode scanner as we’ve recommended above. If you need help setting the app up, we’ve got very straightforward explanations of how to do this on our help page.

Automating these parts of the Shopify inventory management process will make the task a lot easier and ensure less human error.

3. Label Printer

Now you’ve got your barcode scanner and software, you need to be able to label your products properly. This is where a good-quality label printer comes in. The process for printing barcodes and labels is very easy with EasyScan.

Labels usually include a barcode, 1D or 2D, or SKU. They may have additional details in writing to assist with identifying a product. You simply print them out and stick them in an accessible place on your products. You can also put them on warehouse bins to ensure products are matched up with the correct locations.

There is a range of label printer options available at all different price points. Shopify also has a list of recommended printers that are compatible with its software. Check these out if you want basic options that you know will work!

4. Order Trolley

An order picking trolley is another great tool for optimizing your Shopify warehouse management. This is a trolley, often made of plastic or a light metat, that you push around the warehouse whilst collecting products for orders.

Order trollies save time, physical effort, and space. You can have as many as you need depending on the size of your operation. They fit in seamlessly with the rest of your warehouse equipment and streamline the order fulfillment process to reduce errors and create efficiency.

Warehouse packing station

5. Packing Station

Finally, part of good management is effective warehouse logistics. This includes having designated zones or areas for different processes in your warehouse space. One essential zone you need is a packing station.

A packing station is simply a place where all of your orders are packed. You may need a bigger or smaller station depending on the size of your business, the volume of orders you turn over, and the number of staff you have working. You need to determine the process for packing an order, and organize the station so it streamlines this process.

There are plenty of places online and in-store to buy a ready-made packing bench that will suit your needs.

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