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August 2, 2023

Top 4 Best Shopify Store Promotions

Whatever you are selling online, using innovative Shopify store promotions to boost sales has nowadays become essential. Who doesn't love flash sales or discounts codes for example?

So many new eCommerce retailers are emerging every day, competition can be really tough. There is a huge amount of products available online. Which means that drawing new customers in and even having customers returning can be challenging.

That’s why many of the top Shopify stores will use promotional offers to entice browsers.

To have a successful eCommerce business, it is paramount, to stand out from the crowd. is here to show you great ways to integrate eCommerce promotions to help your store thrive!

Here are 4 top online store promotions you can use on Shopify to boost sales and increase your average order value.

So what are the 4 best eCommerce promotions to grow your business?

  1. Number one best Shopify Store promotion is: Buy One Get One Free
  2. Second best is: Free Gift With Purchase
  3. Come third, we have: Bundles
  4. Fourth best online promotion for your Shopify Store is: Tiered Cart Value Reward System

Those discount types will help you to get more sales for your online store. Plus, they will improve engagement from your customers by giving them a great experience and the desire to come back.

We will show you, how our app, EasyGift, will make integrating those promotional offers into your online business easy and efficient.

Buy One Get One Free

A classic type of online sales promotions you can’t go wrong with is ‘Buy One Get One Free’. Also known in the industry as ‘BOGO’, customers love it when they receive free products. Shopify themselves even say this eCommerce website promotion is one of their top performers.

This promotion is a great way to increase the average amount spent by customers when they visit your store. Add it to some of the items on your site. Research has proven that shoppers are more likely to buy a product when they receive something extra for free.

This little incentive will work wonders to make sure that potential buyers purchase on your site instead of the competitors. And as a result, will boost your sales.

It can also be a good way to help manage your stock. If you have an excess of certain products in your warehouse, the 'Buy one get one' free offer can be helpful. You can use this offer to reduce the amount of products you have (old collections, getting close to expiry date etc.)

Free Gift With Purchase

Screenshot of an EasyGift example of customers cart where a Gift with Purchase rule applies

The next best Shopify store promotional offer type is to offer a free gift with purchase. This is a very good way to encourage customers to spend on your website.

Offering customers a free gift can be an incentive. When they reach a certain spending limit, it encourages them to finalise their purchase.

Which means, it also helps in reducing the amount of abandoned cart your store is getting. And this also allows to increase your store's average order value. Improving customer experience and satisfaction increases customer loyalty. This is essential for any successful eCommerce brand.

With EasyGift, setting up a 'free gift with purchase' promotion, has never been simpler on Shopify store. The only thing you have to do is to set a rule. Automation takes care of the rest! Our app will automatically add a free gift to a customer's shopping cart.

You can even customize a notification to pop up on your website when the product is auto added to the cart. This way, your customers will know for certain that they are getting a free gift.


Adding bundles of items to a Shopify store is a great way to attract more customers. If you’re not familiar with the term, bundling is when you sell a range of items together. You lower the price by combining it, compared to buying each product individually. The customer only has to add one thing to their cart instead of several.

Bundling is a great eCommerce promotion to boost sales. It leverages customers' perception that they are getting greater value by purchasing multiple items. They are getting more for their money and, you are getting a higher order value.

By encouraging people to buy products they may not have otherwise considered, you also allow them to try new items. In essence, you might create a new demand to repurchase some of those items later.

Shopping bundles can make the experience faster. If the customer already wanted multiple items, they could save time and money by buying them together.

EasyGift will make setting up a bundling Shopify store promotion super simple for you. No need to manually creating bundles on your website anymore. We take the complexity out by the setting-up of a simple rule to automate the process for you.

Try our EasyGift app on your Shopify store for free, you won't regret it!

Tiered Cart Value Reward System

Screenshot of EasyGift tiered discount rule

There are plenty of different types of rewards you could use on your website. Shopify has hailed that tiered discounts were one of the top performers. Integrating a tiered cart value reward system into your online store promotions is an effective tactic for boosting sales.

Encourage customers to spend more on your store. Let them visualize how close they are to getting the next best free gift. This will incentivize them to spend more.

In Shopify, with EasyGift, when doing tiered discounts campaigns, you can choose different types of gifts for different tiers. It can add a free gift or a gift card to the basket when buying a certain amount of products. Having different rewards from different basket values incentivize customers to spend more to get a better gift. Which is great for any eCommerce store because it boost sales and increase AOV!

Choose EasyGift and set up the best Shopify promotions on your store!

EasyGift is more than a 'add free gift to cart' app, it is an all-around Shopify app. And it is super easy to set up in your store.

Firstly, it is light weight and do not affect the loading speed of your pages. It is super easy to use, and the support team is always on hand to help.

Secondly, our app is highly customizable. You can use it to create rewards based on cart value, product type, or any other criteria you choose.

The features allow you to add free gifts to your store. You can also create bundles and offer 'buy one, get one free' deals. Additionally, the features enable you to give tiered discounts.

Also, you can add deposits, gift cards, and the shopping cart will suggest additional items based on the customer's purchases.

You can schedule and target different audiences with the automated discounts within the app. It works on the single triggers mentioned above. And on combination triggers which means you can customise your campaigns as you wish. Let's not forget that it works on static and dynamic carts.

506 works continuously to improve its apps to provide users with the most efficient features that work best for online businesses. You can try our EasyGift app for free in the Shopify store. Our support team is here to help with any questions or setting up the app for your eCommerce store.

To make discounts and promotions, you need to create a cart value rule. Remember to refer to our guide for assistance.

Tip: Whenever doing any marketing promotions, make sure to communicate about it on as many platforms as possible. This will ensure to reach to as many potential customers as possible and is essential to the success of your campaigns!

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