February 25, 2022

Top 4 Best Shopify Store Promotions

Whatever you’re selling online, using innovative Shopify store promotions to boost your Shopify sales is essential. Competition can be tough in today’s online world. You need to make your eCommerce store stand out from the crowd. Luckily, there are plenty of great ways to integrate eCommerce promotions to help your store thrive.

Here, we take you through 4 of the best Shopify store promotions you can utilize to boost your Shopify sales. Plus, we show you how our app, EasyGift, can make integrating these promotions into your Shopify store seamless and hassle-free. Do you want to know how to maximize your sales using Shopify and EasyGift? To learn how to create exciting eCommerce promotions your customers will love, read on!

Buy One Get One Free

A classic Shopify store promotion you can’t go wrong with is ‘Buy One Get One Free’. Also known in the industry as ‘BOGO’, customers love it when they receive free products. Shopify themselves even say this eCommerce website promotion is one of their top performers.

Adding this promotion to some items on your store is a great way to increase the average spend of each customer who comes to your site. Shoppers are more likely to buy a product if they’re getting extra for free. This little incentive could work wonders to boost your Shopify sales.

Free Gift With Purchase

Our next top idea is adding a free gift with purchase to your Shopify store promotions. This is a great way to encourage customers to spend on your website. Giving customers a gift for free when they exceed a certain spend is a great way to build up customer loyalty and boost Shopify sales.

The free gift with purchase Shopify store promotion can be easily set up through our app, EasyGift! All you have to do is set a rule.The process of adding a free gift to a customer’s shopping cart is then automated. You can even customize a notification to pop up on your website when the product is auto-added to the cart. This way, your customers will know they’re getting a free gift.


Product bundling is a fourth Shopify store promotion that is sure to bring in customers. If you’re not familiar with the term, bundling is when you sell a range of items together. You combine the price to be lower than if each product was bought individually. The customer only has to add one thing to their cart instead of several.

Bundling uses the idea that customers are more likely to buy a product when they think they’re getting more for their money. This isa great eCommerce promotion to boost Shopify sales. It can help to increase average order value, give the customer’s purchase higher perceived value, and make the shopping experience quicker.

EasyGift can make setting up a bundling Shopify store promotion super simple as well. We take the complexity out of manually creating bundles on your website with the setting-up of a simple rule to automate the process for you. Why not test it out on your Shopify store with our complimentary free trial?

Tiered Cart Value Reward System

Hailed as another top performer by Shopify themselves, integrating a tiered cart value reward system into your Shopify store promotions is a sure-fire tactic for boosting Shopify sales. With so many new eCommerce sites popping up every day and huge amounts of products available online, drawing new customers in is competitive. That’s why many of the top Shopify stores will use promotional offers to entice browsers.

There are plenty of different types of rewards you could use on your website. However, a tiered cart value reward will encourage customers to spend more with your store. This could be something like offering a free gift or gift card with a purchase over a certain amount. Rewards can be increased as customer spend increases. By offering this, you’ll also be converting increasing numbers of your website clicks into sales. Advertising this offer loudly on your home page is essential. This is because making a good first impression with potential customers really counts towards making sales.

This is another Shopify store promotion EasyGift can help you set up. We have features that assist with setting-up a variety of different tiered cart value rewards to help boost your Shopify sales. Our app is extremely customisable, so you can base these rewards on everything from cart value to product type if you want!

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