February 25, 2022

How to ship more parcels as a small business

E-commerce is more important now than ever, so knowing how to ship more parcels as a small business is essential. With an approximately 45.8% increase in the e-commerce market share over the past two years, projected growth for the future is big. This is one reason why, as a small business, you need to be as efficient as possible.

One way to increase efficiency, growth, and profit in your small business is to ship more parcels. If your demand is high, you need to be able to keep up. So, how can you do this? There are a few simple solutions that our app, EasyScan, can help with.

Why is shipping more parcels important?

Being able to ship more parcels as a small business does several things for your profits, reputation, and customer service. Customers often expect free, fast shipping, especially in an e-commerce market dominated by the likes of Amazon. Shipping fast and frequently as a small business owner will allow you to corner your share of the market more effectively. Providing a high level of quick service will help to grow your business, gain loyal customers, and compete with the bigger e-commerce stores offering similar products.

 Moreover, as your business grows, you need to keep up with demand. It’s no use having big sales if you can’t get your orders out promptly at scale. In short, being able to ship more parcels as a small business is all about growth, profit, and keeping your customers loyal and happy.  

Now you know why this is important, let’s get into how to achieve it!

Top tips to ship more parcels as a small business

1. Use barcodes for your products

Using barcodes to make your stock keeping and shipping more efficient is a sure-fire way to ship more parcels as a small business. Barcodes are well-established and used worldwide, as well as being cheap and easy to implement. They mean you know exactly what stock you have so you can pick, pack, and ship it most efficiently.

Not sure what barcodes are and how to use them? We’ve got an article that can help you out. The best bit is EasyScan can be used to create, print, and scan barcodes, making the process super simple and quick for your business.

2. Make your packaging efficient

Second, packing can take up time, hindering your shipping process. Efficient packaging can help to cut down costs, as well as reduce the time spent in the picking and packing stage of the distribution process. Someways to do this would be buying packaging in bulk, using standard sizes or flat-rate boxes for products, and finding carriers that offer free shipping supplies.

The more cost-effective and quick your packaging is to use, the more parcels you will be able to ship to your customers.

3. Automate your order and inventory process

EasyScan can also help you out with streamlining your distribution process to ship more parcels as a small business. Use the app to manage inventory accurately, fulfill orders, and avoid shipping mistakes. Once you’ve implemented a barcode system using our app, you can check your stock levels, product types, and see all of your orders at the click of a button.

This helps smooth out the shipping process, leaving a lot less room for human error and keeping track of everything from warehouse organization to packing and shipping. Errors can be costly and time-consuming, so automating your order and inventory process is essential to shipping more asa small business. EasyScan offers a simple yet effective solution to help with this.

4. Pick your shipping carrier carefully

Finally, you need to pick your shipping carrier carefully when trying to ship more parcels as a small business. A good, reliable shipping carrier that can offer the right services for your business size, shipping volume, and distribution needs is essential. Consider the services they offer, including free packaging supplies and order tracking. You also need to look at reviews of the company to find out how quickly they distribute orders, and whether this will slow down or speed up your shipping process.

Once you’ve got the perfect shipping carrier for your business, you’ll be shipping more parcels in no time!

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