August 2, 2023

Top 4 Valentine’s Day gifting ideas for your Shopify store

With Valentine's Day approaching, adding attractive gift offers to your Shopify store can help increase your profits. February 14th started as a Christian Holiday*, but now it's a big day for shopping. This is a very important holiday for businesses, especially for your Shopify store if you can promote it effectively!

The National Retail Federation conducts an annual survey* on spending during Valentine's Day. This survey highlights the importance of offering gifts on your Shopify store.

More than half of Americans will celebrate and spend around $200 on gifts. The majority of the money will be spent on candy and greeting cards. These two items account for 97% of the total spending.

However, shoppers will also purchase other items in the upcoming week. So it is important to run valentine's day promotions to attract more potential customers to your online store.

Whether you sell typical Valentine's gifts or unique ones, now is the perfect time to use gifting to benefit your business. Here are four great Valentine's day gift ideas for your Shopify store that you can try using our Shopify app EasyGift.

Top 4 Valentine’s gifting promotions to try

Here are 4 special promotions to increase your Valentine's week orders, among many other gifting ideas available. They’re so simple to set up using EasyGift that it can take just a few minutes to get going!

1. Personalize your products for Valentine’sDay

Shoppers love being able to personalize their gifts on Valentine’s Day. In 2023, one of the biggest retail trends* is going to be personalization. From customer experience to physical and digital products themselves, your customers are increasingly wanting to tailor their shopping.

This holiday is great for personalized gifts because people buying presents want to make their loved ones feel special. What better way to do that than adding a name, special date, or another personal touch to your products? Whether is a t-shirt, a digital print, jewelry, or candy, there’s a way to personalize it.

2. Add a last-minute speedy delivery option

Whenever there’s a gifting holiday, people will inevitably forget to send presents in time. When the holiday is near, it's a good idea to add a fast delivery option to your Shopify store. You can provide fast next-day delivery to customers who were slow to place their orders. You can do this at a reduced price or completely free of charge.

This can decrease customer concern and boost sales on your website. Customers trust you to successfully deliver their gift to their loved one. This trust leads to increased sales. You can use our simple add-on Cartix to include delivery promotions on your Shopify store this Valentine’s Day.

3. Auto add a gift to cart

Nothing’s better than receiving an extra treat with your order! Shoppers want good deals and discounts to make their gifts special. Adding a Valentine's Day items to their cart can help increase sales at your store. Try adding chocolates or even a gift card for your store to keep customers coming back.

Running this kind of promotion incentivize people who are buying for themselves on Valentine's Day or shopping normally. They can be more tempted to purchase because they will receive an extra gift. Which will increase the conversion of your online business.

You can do this automatically through EasyGift, with the ability to manually or automatically add gifting promotions to shoppers’ carts. This depends on how much they spend, what they buy, or if they are included in every order.

4. Offer a Valentine’s Day card

Lastly, offer your customers the option to add a Valentine's Day card to their purchase as a special gift promotion. If you can find greeting cards, provide this choice to your customers. It will be a great way to enhance their shopping experience and make them feel appreciated. Whether it's a customized or empty card, you'll make their gift shopping easier.

With Valentine's Day coming soon, it's time to add promotions for gifts to increase sales in the next week. If it’s too late this year, then you can get well-prepared for Valentine’s Day 2024 in the meantime.


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