August 23, 2023

Best Black Friday Apps to increase sales, what to look for


In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, staying ahead of the competition is crucial to success. One of the best way to do so is to maximize your business’s potential by using the best Black Friday apps. It will attract more customers to your store and will increase your sales.

One of the most anticipated* events for both online shoppers and retailers is Black Friday and Cyber Monday, a shopping extravaganza that sets the scene for the holiday season’s biggest and best sales. Falling on the 24th of November 2023 this year, it represents an unparalleled opportunity to increase sales and boost revenue. However, standing out in the sea of promotions and discounts requires a strategic approach.

In this article, we unveil the most powerful tools to draw customers to your site and show you how to increase average order value (AOV) without slowing your website down.

These indispensable applications have been meticulously designed to help you supercharge your e-commerce business, enhance customer engagement, and achieve huge success by implementing the best promotions for Black Friday.

Whether you’re an e-commerce veteran or a budding entrepreneur looking to make a splash with your first venture, we’ve got you covered!

Why apps are the best way to convert sales on Black Friday?

There are a few reasons why Shopify apps are the way to go when it comes to managing your Black Friday promotions and making the most of the opportunity to generate sales.

Saves time

During the chaos of Black Friday Deals, apps on Shopify prove to be the ultimate time-saving companions for retailers. With an extensive range of feature-rich applications available, merchants can seamlessly automate various tasks and optimize inventory management, order processing, offers, and customer support to streamline their operations and free up valuable time. Shopify apps are therefore the go-to solution for a productive and smooth shopping experience, both for customers and businesses.

Avoids costly mistakes

When it comes to avoiding costly mistakes when operating a Black Friday sale, Shopify apps emerge as the most reliable and efficient solution for sellers. Apps offer advanced features that help prevent errors and oversights, ensuring a smooth problem-free operation during the high-stakes shopping event.

From automated inventory management that prevents overselling to robust fraud prevention tools that safeguard against potential scams, there are apps for all your potential needs! By relying on apps, retailers can confidently navigate the Black Friday frenzy, mitigating risks and maximizing AOV and profits.

Makes returns and exchanges easier

Moreover, apps play a pivotal role in simplifying returns and exchanges for e-commerce retailers during the Black Friday period. With increased volumes of orders, managing returns and exchanges can become a logistical challenge, but specialized apps on platforms like Shopify offer robust solutions.

One of the best returns and exchanges Black Friday apps is Exchange It, ideal for streamlining the process for store owners and customers. It can be used to automate return and exchange authorization, generate return labels, and update inventory in real time.

Additionally, it is simple to integrate with your Shopify store, making the interface user-friendly and hassle-free. Retailers can set specific returns policies or automate refunds or exchanges, reducing manual intervention.

By leveraging this app, you can efficiently handle returns and exchanges, ensuring customer satisfaction and turning a potential challenge on Black Friday into an opportunity to build trust and loyalty with customers.

What to look for in the best Black Friday apps to increase sales

It can be confusing—as a new Shopify store owner and as a long-time e-commerce retailer—knowing exactly what to look for when choosing apps to enhance your business. There are so many apps out there, and infinite things they can do for your business. The choice can be overwhelming. However, there are a few key things to look for that will simplify your search and help you make the best choice for your website to boost sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Robust management features

Look for apps that offer robust management features to support the range of promotions and offers you want to integrate this Black Friday. The app should allow you to create and schedule enticing deals, discounts, and offers easily. You should be able to set countdown timers, apply automatic discounts, use tiered pricing, and have customer-specific offers to encourage sales and increase AOV on Black Friday.

Our bulk discount manager app, GetSale, is one of the most effective and robust ways to manage Black Friday promotions. Allowing you to bulk edit prices, set countdown timers on product pages, stack discount codes, multi-schedule offers, and auto-tag products to track discounts more efficiently. It’s easy to use, will save you time and will avoid potential price edit mistakes.

Pop-ups and banners

Any effective Black Friday app to increase sales should have customizable pop-ups and banners that can be strategically placed on your Shopify store.

These eye-catching features can be used to announce promotions, highlight special deals, and capture the attention of website visitors, converting to sales. They’re especially great for alerting browsers to first-time customer discounts. This often create a buzz and a sense of urgency which usually helps with conversion.


Personalization is key to engaging customers effectively. Look for apps that allow you to segment your customer base according to their preferences, behavior, or purchase history. This way, you can tailor your promotions and deals to specific groups of customers, allowing you to increase conversion during Black Friday.

One key way to personalize the shopping experience is by giving customers promotional offers tailored to them. For this reason, another of the best Black Friday apps to increase sales is EasyGift. Allowing you to create magic links and targeted discount rules for different audiences, this fully customizable app will enable you to make the most of the sales opportunities.

Performance Analytics

Comprehensive analytics are vital for measuring the effectiveness of your Black Friday campaigns. Choose an app like EasyGift which provides detailed insights into key performance metrics. It will allow you to track sales, conversions, user behavior, to make data-driven decisions, especially during big marketing periods.

Shopify app providing performance analytics, will make managing the behind-the-scenes decisions needed to increase sales on Black Friday a breeze.

Smooth integration

Ensure the Black Friday apps integrate seamlessly with your existing Shopify store and other essential apps or tools you use. This will prevent any technical issues and make it easier to manage your sales efforts efficiently. Plus, when apps are customizable, they allow you to make them your own to suit your business needs. For instance, you can customize CSS with EasyGift so you can match it to the theme of your Shopify store.

Customer support and positive reviews

Look for apps that offer reliable customer support, especially during critical periods for increasing sales and AOV like Black Friday. Quick and effective assistance can save you time and resolve any issues that may arise promptly.

Coupled with this, checking out the app’s reviews before you commit is key to making sure you’re operating with the best software in the game. By choosing apps with positive feedback from store owners, you can ensure that you have the right tools to maximize your sales, enhance customer engagement, and make the most of this high-stakes shopping event.


In conclusion, leveraging the best Black Friday apps to increase sales not only boosts your revenue but saves you valuable time and minimizes the risk of costly mistakes. By automating promotions, scheduling, accessing real-time performance analytics, supporting your customers post-purchase, and personalizing the customer experience, your website will be optimized for increasing AOV and converting sales.

Giving your customers the gold standard of shopping experiences and providing exceptional service this Black Friday will not only boost revenue during this important retail crunch period but will increase chances of repeat sales and loyal customers year-round!

If you are not sure what to implement on your store to boost sales, follow our guide to find out the 3 Best Black Friday promotions to use for your eCommerce store.


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